Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The beginning of a path through the forrest...

... or rather to continue the path started 25 years ago, but now more focused and enlightened.

Today the introductory packet for the OBOD (Order of Bards, Ovates and Druids) Bard course finally arrived. I can't wait to dig into the stuff and start exploring my inner self. I am pretty sure that I will take the full course when finances allow it, the introductory stuff look just as intriguing as expected.

I am recommended to keep a diary (not here I think though). I will keep two - kind of - one written as normal, and the staff I am carving to mark major experiences and turningpoints. If you see the post before you can see two acorns and the Awen symbol representing the two seeds that made me decide to take this path.

First seed was 25 years ago when I was trekking Sarek in northern sweden with 4 friends for 3 weeks. The solitude and yet belonging to the huge wilderness there was an incredible, sensual and groundshaking experience for me that made me feel completely happy (I think I will write out this experience later in this blog)
I have over the years again and again felt that happiness - allways when silent in some remote, untouched spot.

Second seed was the discovery of OBOD and the idea of the druidic way. I realized that what I have felt all those times over the years was exactly what modern druids feel - some sort of calling - or belonging - to nature. I became curious about this and I am determined to explore it further.

The Awen symbol represent the Druidic path itself. The staff will be a work in progress for as long as I take the courses and I realize that it will not be finished at all it I continue the path of druidry - I have to carve myself another walking stick. ;)

Sunday, 28 March 2010

Important lesson learned

I wanted to carve a druids staff to be some kind of journal of my progress druidry.

I think the carving went rather well (never done this before). I got really exited about the project. I don't have the right tools though and carved with a Swiss army-knife. The picture below explain why this isn't a good idea :(

6 Stitches and a lesson learned. I have now put the project on hold until I get the carving tool I ordered.

Wednesday, 24 March 2010

Now in english

I decided that I will write this blog in English to make it understandable for my foreign friends. The development of the blog is a slow, ongoing process.
To do list:
Make "About me" page
Make Druidry page
Make Gallery page for finished projects
Maybe a tool and tips page??
Take a lot of pictures ;)

Monday, 22 March 2010

Hmm... Et projekt i sig selv

så har jeg fået oprettet min blog, men roder rundt i den for at finde ud af hvordan den virker. Det ser ud til at der er lidt at lære før bloggen kommer til at fungere, hvilket også er grunden til at jeg her i starten har begrænset adgangen til kun at gælde mig selv.
Med tiden håber jeg at jeg kan lægge billeder ind af mine projekter og af nogle af processerne undervejs.